Hour or Two


Do you have a bit more time to spare?


Challenge 1

Visit a real Napoleonic fort!

Visit a real Napoleonic fort - Jaywick Martello Tower.

Challenge 2

Frinton Railway Cottage - visit in person

Visit the Frinton Railway Museum and see this stunning collection of railway artefacts. The railway to Frinton played an essential building block in the town's success as a seaside resort.

Challenge 3

Tendring Trail Blazers - trial our trail

Our brand new seaside heritage trails in Clacton and Frinton need public reviews and feedback. Walk the walk and tweet about it on social media if you like it. Even better, contribute a guest blog of 150 words with photos of your experience of the walk.

Challenge 4

Visit Clacton Museum

Spend an hour or so browsing the displays and collection of fascinating material at the Clacton Museum.